Soft Shackle

Soft Shackle

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Safe, extremely strong but light textile connector made of high-strength fibres. Thanks to its properties, it is a good replacement of metal shackles and carabiners.

The textile soft shackle is:

  • Extremely strong - high-strength fiber can handle high loads.
  • Lightweight - 10 times lighter than a metal carabiner of the same strength.
  • Soft - adapts to the bend. You can easily hide it in your pocket.
  • Easy to lock / unlock - a special knot prevents unlocking even under heavy loads. You do not need additional tools to open and close the shackle. No pin which could fall.
  • Silent – contact of metal against metal makes unpleasant sounds.
  • Safe - does not damage spraying or painting. It does cause injury when dropped from the height.
  • Floating - it does not get lost after falling into water.
  • Textile shackle has a long service life. Thanks to a special surface treatment, it resists abrasion, UV radiation, chemicals and is not subject to corrosion.
  • Usage: sailing, outdoor, industry and many other areas.
  • Replaces heavy metal shackles. Use it wherever you need to connect anything safely and easily.

Users manual:

  • Lock

Pull the string, put the knot through the eye and tighten the eye to assure the knot cannot slip out.

  • Unlock

Pulling the string will stretch the eye again so you can take the knot out of the eye and disconnect the soft shackle.

3 mm
4 mm
5 mm
6 mm
7 mm
8 mm
Breaking load
1000 kg
2450 kg
3200 kg
4800 kg
5000 kg
6200 kg
Safe working load
200 kg
490 kg
640 kg
960 kg
1000 kg
1240 kg
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